Blumhouse Productions, Paramount Pictures,

Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw, Ivy George, Dan Gill, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Michael Krawic

The house is back! A new family has moved into the house, and naturally they find a box of old tapes hidden away. When they watch these, they start to see the spooky paranormal entities appearing. Even the old family kids who are now dead come back as little children to torment these new fools that bought this house.

This is, what?, the 37th or so sequel to this series? Trust me, I didn’t spend a penny to go watch this, as the whole thing has grown very tiring to me. This one is one of the worst of the lot, I’m afraid. Well, maybe not. Some of the other versions sucked pretty bad too. This is nothing more than what the rest of them were, so if you love that kind of thing, this is another one. This is just more of the same, and I’m just over it at this point. So sorry this review is so brief, but I didn’t care for the story, the filmmaking, the script (if there is one), the acting, and the sudden loud sounds that are all there are to scare you. If you are really that desperate to be startled, I have a suggestion. At the park, they have a game where people pay a buck or two to shoot a stream of water into the clowns mouth. If you stand with your back to the game, and wait for someone to play, at some point the balloon will pop and give you the same chill this movie would. Save yourself some time, and don’t patronize these folks any more. Maybe they can come up with something just a teensy bit new. And I typically LIKE horror films.

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