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Keanu Reeves, Ana de Armas, Christopher McDonald, Big Daddy Kane, Mira Sorvino,

Detective Galban (Keanu Reeves) is a detective, a widower with a young child he just can’t seem to care for. He finds his partner dead deep in the subway and immediately sets out to find out who killed him. But the more he learn, the more it looks like his partner was not a very good cop, and was involved in a lot of dirty stuff. But his partner’s wife, Janine Cullen (Mira Sorvino) wants answers, yet the force wants Galban to leave it alone, as if more is found out about his partner’s past, it could deprive the wife and child of his pension. But everyone close to the case turns up dead, and he is led to a young devout Latina girl, Ana (Isabel De La Cruz) seems to have witnessed a miracle, and finding out what she knows may solve the case, but it could make her end up dead too.

This is a very strange little cop drama, and Keanu Reeves really did a decent job in this dark and depressing role. He’s fighting demons and it shows on the surface. The relationship between him and his partners wife is also intense, as not only is she dealing with the sudden loss of her husband, but at the same time dealing with the fact that he might not have been a very nice guy. Well, to complete the hat trick, Ana has her own past demons that she has shut out but need to come forward. Her husband is in Iraq and she is living with her husband’s Mother and sisters who are not very understanding of her situation either. This really is a dark story, and a bit depressing, but aside from that, it is a pretty good story. The characters are familiar, but very well developed. The acting is good, and it’s a pretty suspenseful movie. It borders on the supernatural, which makes it a very interesting film. It is R rated, and some of it is pretty intense, so definitely for mature audiences, but if you like a little different twist on a dead partner revenge story, this really isn’t half bad.

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