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Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle

Greta Evans (Lauren Cohen) is a young American woman hiding out from the abusive ex by taking a job for a few weeks as a nanny for an English family Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire (Jim Norton, Diana Hardcastle). Their son Brahms is an unusual fellow. When he was eight years old there was a terrible fire, and Brahms didn’t make it out, so the family keeps a doll named Brahms as their son, and expects Greta to watch over him while they take a holiday for a few weeks. But Brahms has very specific rules and though Greta’s only assistance comes from the grocery boy Malcom (Rupert Evans), it is soon quickly aware that as she disobeys the rules once the parents are gone, Brahms is very angry. This new horror film was a nail biter.

There were a lot of good movies to see, but due to the trailer, I just had to see this film right away. I was not disappointed. I don’t know why dolls are creepy, but this one as did Chucky and Anabelle before, really gave me the creeps. Filled with never-ending tension and lots of screams, the theater actually applauded this when it was over. On the other hand, we were at an early evening screen that was filled with young teens who were definitely the rudest audience I have seen in a long time. Talking out loud throughout, and going up to the back to make shadows on the screen were just a couple of their annoying pranks. But aside from that (and many thanks to the gentleman who yelled “Shut Up” as loud as he could), I really enjoyed this movie. I’m a horror buff, and I can see where a lot of folks may get turned off by the way things are rather simple, but I felt is was quite creepy. This is Lauren Cohen’s first attempt as the lead in a horror film, and I felt she did a great job. She reminds me a lot of Jamie Lee Curtis way back in the original Halloween with here fresh approach to being first laughing, thinking it’s a joke, to realizing that her life is in danger and this is deadly serious. She fights well, and stand up like a hero instead of letting everyone else rescue her, and she’s tough, yet very charming and sweet. I thought the story was original, with a couple twists along the way that turn things around several times. I enjoyed this one, and regardless of what the critics say, I recommend this one as a great way to scare yourself half to death.

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