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Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth, Cliff Curtis

This is the tale of Lucius (Joseph Fiennes) a ranking Roman Tribune who was present when Jesus was crucified on the mountain. He was a witness to the death and burial in a tomb of the body. Under orders from Pontius Pilate (Peter Firth) after the urging of Caiaphas (Stephen Greif), Lucius orders guards around the tomb for three days to assure the the followers of Christ do not manage to steal the body to make people believe he has risen from the dead as he promised. When the body is missing, Lucius sets out to find the followers and solve the mystery, but he is certainly not ready for what he is about to learn.

This is a good solid film that covers the story of what happened after the resurrection of Christ and the following days until the Ascension and beyond when no one knew what was really happening. It is a historical tale and a biblical story, but seems to very well done. The story isn’t preachy in the least, and seems to feel much more like a documentary based on Lucius’ point of view. There are some outstanding characters. Kudos to Stewart Scudamore as Peter, who does a magnificent job. In fact, all of the characters are very good. The story is solid, somewhat “Hollywood-ized” at that, but still a very solid film. This is a film that could be enjoyed as a Roman historical drama without the buying into the religious overtones at all, but this was really made for the Christian believer who would enjoy the events following the crucifixion up through the Ascension. The cinematography is excellent, and the feel of the Holy Lands is very real. This is a wonderful story and this is a film that you might want to see, just for the experience that it gives you. I highly recommend this film for families and people of all ages.

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