Bigscope Films, Altitude Film Entertainment, Out of Africa Entertainment,

Joe Reegan, Rick Ravanello, Matthew Holmes, Reiley McClendon, Scott E. Miller

This is the story of Outpost 39, filled with soldiers who have been fighting an invasion of aliens set on taking control of Earth. The story is told in flashback as the soldiers of Outpost 39 are interviewed to find out what happened as the tell a tale of horror, terror, and some giant puzzles to figure out as the leaders try to get to the bottom of what happened. This is a thrilling mixture or war and science fiction that is the story of a huge military effort against the aliens.

This was a surprising little film. This starts out as a military report, but as time passes we gradually learn that the Earth has changed since the invasion of an alien species. I could not imagine how a typical war movie filled with military actions and activity could turn out to be a decent sci-fi film as well, but this strange little movie manages to do it both very well. It’s a unique little concept of a film. The acting is surprisingly good without any really big stars. The action and battles are very well filmed, and the fighting is hot and heavy. Piece by piece, interview by interview, we learn the truth about what has been happening and as the leaders put together the story, we learn it along with them. It’s an interesting and amazing little piece of film making, and well worth streaming if you enjoy War, Sci-Fi, or both!

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