New in theaters this weekend Friday July 6, 2012

  • The Amazing Spiderman
  • Savages
  • Katy Perry:Part of Me
  • China Heavyweight [limited release]
  • Collaborator [limited release]
  • The Do-Deca-Pentathalon [limited release]
  • The Magic of Belle Isle [limited release]
  • Crazy Eyes [limited release]
  • The Pact [limited release]

This weekend we get the long anticipated “The Amazing Spider-Man” (PG-13). This actually opened a few days ago on July 3rd to pick up July 4 box office. In this one Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) picks up a clue as to why his parents disappeared when he was a kid. What happened to him was no accident as he bumps into Dr. Curt Conners, his father’s partner. Hopefully this film will deliver what Spiderman 3 didn’t, and even with a new Spidey, it appears set to be a solid performer for the summer.

We also have two other wide releases. “Savages” (R) starring Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, and Benicio Del Toro is a story of pot growers facing the Mexican drug cartels who kidnapped their girlfriend. Oliver Stone is the director of this film, and it looks like a lot of action, even if it doesn’t appear to have a lot of “traction” at this point. The other is “Katy Perry: Part of Me” (PG) which is a combination of concert footage and documentary “backstage” and “private life” stories of pop singer Katy Perry. Other concert films like this have been pretty much blown by theater goers, probably because the kind of information they contain is shown in A&E Biography and MTV Behind the Music type specials all the time. I doubt this film will do any better, but I must admin Miss Perry is quite an interesting gal if her live appearances on talk shows is any indicator. As a relatively good little girl, preacher’s kid, from Santa Barbara, I am interested in how the heck she ended up (briefly) with English gross out comic Russell Brand, even though her Dad is a real character as a hippie preacher. I don’t think Katy has the devoted fan base Justin Bieber did, and how she’ll pull off a bigger hit than “Never Say Never” is highly unlikely.

There are a series of limited release films this weekend too. “China Heavyweight”(NR)is a documentary about teens in rural China who are recruited to be Olympic hopefuls. “Collaborator” (NR)is a story of a writer who is having major problems in his life and career while fighting with his neighbor who is a ex-con radical right winger. The “Do-Deca-Pentathlon” (R) Is a comedy about a couple of brothers competing with each other in their own 25 event Olympics. “The Magic of Belle Isle” (PG) is a Morgan Freeman outing where he plays a wheelchair bound author who moves out to a small rural town where he meets a single mother and her three children who teach him how to find his lost passion for writing. “Crazy Eyes (NR) is about a guy, Zach, who is gay and a never ending party guy who meets a girl he calls “Crazy Eyes”. She changes him and it appears he’s due to grow up and make a change to his party ways. “The Pact” (NR) is about a woman who has to face her past following her mother’s death. This Horror/Mystery film is a ghostly story about a presence that suddenly appears in her mother’s home.

Last Weeks top Box Office:

1 – Ted
2 – Magic Mike
3 – Brave
4 – Madera’s Witness Protection
5 – Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

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