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Tabrett Bethell, Andy Whitfield, Freya Stafford, Clare Bowen, Sophie Lowe, Boris Brkic, Marshall Napier, Elizabeth Alexander, Marcel Bracks, Adrienne Pickering

Christmas Eve, 1971, and Cameron (Andy Whitfield) and his wife, Beth (Tabrett Bethell) are driving through backwoods Australia. A reckless driver runs them off the road and the car is damaged, so they decide to stay in a creepy old cheap motel. It’s late at night, and Beth is very pregnant and almost due for delivery. During the night Cameron gets hungry and there’s no food at the motel, so he heads off down the road looking for something to eat. The Sky Dragon, a Chinese restaurant in town is closed and there’s nothing else around, but on the way back Cameron runs out of gas. When he gets back to the motel, Beth is gone, so he reports it to the police. Beth has been abducted by a mysterious clinic run in an old run down closed factory building. Beth wakes up with a scar, the baby is missing, and she finds out four other women are in the same situation in this blood and guts horror slasher film.

This is an unusual story. The premise is rather unique, and there is a good bit of suspense. But the movie is so full of holes and the actors in the film are not really too good. It’s a bit scary, but the storyline is pretty weak and the acting is weak, and there’s not a whole lot going for this film. It’s a bit unique because it’s an Australian movie, so it does have that going for it. This is a late night cable film, or one that is readily available to watch on-demand, so it’s a decent late late show if your looking for something to watch when nothing else is on. But I can’t recommend renting this film, and taking up a spot in your queue for this is a waste. There is a lot better stuff around, trust me.

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