** Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

Alberta Film Entertainment, Well done Productions

Jenny McCarthy, Kelly stables, Kris Holden-Ried, Paul Sorvino, Dean McDermott, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Lynne Griffin, Richard Side, Holly Anne Emmerson

Santa (Paul Sorvino) is ready for a vacation.  Actually, they describe it as a bit of a mid-life crisis.  He expects Mary to step back in and take over for him while he plays golf, and travels.  Mary is reluctant to take over, but Santa won’t budge.  Since she was here before in the original Santa Baby, changes have been made and the North Pole is more efficient giving them more free time.  Santa hired Teri (Kelly Stables) to fill in at the mail department, but she’s set on taking over the whole operation.  Teri realizes that Mary is in her way, so she sets out to make it as unfriendly as possible, first by pushing the elves to strike.  Mary, meanwhile is trying to handle her old job by telecommuting from the North Pole.  Teri’s interference at the pole, and the stresses of keep up her old job make it difficult.  Things look bad until it’s finally revealed that Teri is not who she says she it.

A followup to the original Santa Baby, this has the same old cliche’s.  Santa’s tired and wants to turn it over to the reluctant heir.  The whole deal with Teri is a bit of a diversion, but it’s good fun and a typical Christmas movie with a few laughs.  Paul Sorvino plays a pretty jolly Santa, and Terri’s pretty good as the bad guy.  Not anything really special, but it’s just a simple Santa story that isn’t too bad.

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