** Holiday Baggage (2008)

Baggage, Providence Productions

Barry Bostwick, Cheryl Ladd, Julia Sobaski, Stephen Polk, Leah wagner, Joshua Swanson, Rachael Dayne, Dan Flannery

Sarah Murphy (Cheryl Ladd) is a doctor.  She’s also trying to keep her family together while her husband Pete (Barry Bostwick) disappears again.  Until Pete ends up in the hospital with heart problems.  We find out that Sarah and Pete are separated and now Pete wants a divorce so that he can remarry and move to the Bahamas.  But the condition for signing the divorce papers depends on staying with the family until the tests are complete and rebonding with the daughters.  Pete finds out that there’s a lot he’s missed.  One daughter is pregnant and not married or engaged. In fact, she’s the surrogate mama for her sister who is married and unable to have children.  This is a tale of disappointment and heartbreak, love and family.  The new family is not into Christmas, and Dad’s attempts to bring it back into the house is greeted with resistance.

This is a well named film.  Everyone carries a lot of baggage.  Pete is seems is one who when the going gets tough, takes off.  Sarah, on the other hand is a bit to rigid and unbending.  The girls are quite different.  The younger is very bitter and angry at her Dad and doesn’t want him around or in her life.  The older is more understanding and willing to forgive.  There are a lot of funny moments, and some very tender moments as well, and it’s a good mix.  Barry Bostwick can go from a fumbling fool one minute, to a sweet caring gentleman the next, to a tear evoking tragic force the next.  He’s very good in this role.  It’s also nice to see Cheryl Ladd again doing what she does best, playing the tough single woman making the best of a bad situation. This is a nice movie and one that’s well worth watching.

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