** A Christmas Snow (2010)

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Catherine Mary Stewart, Muse Watson, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Cameron Ten Napel, Danny Cahill, Tina Eberle, Brian Shoop

Kathleen (Catherine Mary Stewart) is a restaurant owner.  She is panned by the critics because she opens the restaurant on Christmas Day and makes her employees work, but she does it so that the lonely people with no place to go can have a Christmas dinner.  She’s dating a divorced Dad with a daughter Lucy (Cameron Ten Napel).   Dad has to take a business trip the week before Christmas and the babysitter bails, so he asks Katleen if she can stay a couple days.  On a last minute trip to the store for items to make a costume for Lucy, she nearly runs over an old gentleman.  Later, after leaving the store, she is attacked by several hoods.  The old man comes to her rescue, but unfortunately misses the last bus of the night.  Rather than let him stay out in the cold, Kathleen asks him to spend the night.  During the night the storm of the century arrives and they are snowed in with no electricity.   There is nothing to do but to keep themselves entertained, and it comes out that each of them has issues.  Kathleen has abandonment issues, and Sam (Muse Watson), the old gentleman, is hoping to make things right with an estranged daughter that he left years before.  Lucy misses her Mom very much and hasn’t gotten over the loss and now Dad is dating Kathleen, and she doesn’t like her.   Through the terrible storm they have no choice but to talk about their issues.  When the storm is over, Lucy goes home and Sam leaves, and Kathleen has nothing to do but to face the issues she’s uncovered and make some amends.

This is a Christian movie and naturally has a Christian theme in the end.  But it’s not a proselytizing film and has a strong story to tell without hitting you over the head with it.  There are a few surprises,  but you probably can see it coming a mile away.  Still, it’s a unique story in a way, and well worth watching if you can find it.

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