Movie Rentals Releasing Tuesday Feb 1, 2011

  • Let Me In
  • Conviction
  • Never Let Me Go
  • The Tilman Story
  • Monsters
  • Chain Letter
  • Hatchet II

Greetings viewers! Another Tuesday already and a new week of DVD’s to watch! I had a question on my mind this week. Has Will Smith lost his relevance? What has he done lately? Mostly he’s pushing his kids on us with remakes of movies that don’t need remaking. Last year brought us “*The Kung Fu Kid” starring Jaden which was one of the disappointments of 2010, and the news now is of another remake on the way that doesn’t need remade. It was not annoying enough to be in a music video “whipping her hair back and forth” but now Mr. Prince wants to impose a remake of Annie for us.

Outside the natural resemblance to Little Orphan (they both can have curly hair if you pull out the corn rows or give her a wig), Fresh wants us to pay to go see little Willow singing to us about how it’s a “Hard Knock Life” and all. Will has done some incredible acting and Independence Day only comes around once in a while, and we bought that the Fresh Prince could actually do more than mug at the camera opposite Carlton, but if his kids truly have talent, (how could they not with the Mom and Dad they’ve got?), then lets find them a role or two that fits and try to think of something a little more original than just remaking classics that don’t need an update. Till next week. Happy Viewing! –Ed

*ok, I know it’s “The Karate Kid” not the kung-fu kid, but come on really!

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