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Haylie Duff, Chris Carmack, Connie Selleca, Stephen Colletti

Eve (Haylie Duff) is a party planner who works for the unflinching and selfish boss Elizabeth (Connie Sellecca) who sends her on an assignment in Los Angeles for Christmas for a very critical client. Eve has plans to go to Aspen with her boyfriend, but must decide whether to cancel her plans and take a shot at winning the promotion to run the west coast office, or keep her plans. She makes her choice, but is late to the plane, and may not make the flight. We get to see two alternate realities when Eve either makes the plane, or misses it, in this unique look at how a single event in our lives can bring completely different ends.

This is a strange movie, in it’s construction. Unlike some other films tackling this subject, we watch it unfold in both universes at the same time, switching back and forth between rich Eve and poor Eve every few minutes. If you don’t pay attention and come in after this switch, you’ll be totally lost, but the weird way this is pieced together actually works. Unlike little sister Hillary, Haylie actually is a pretty decent actress and does a pretty good job playing both Eve’s. This is a film about what is important, and how little choice can have a profound effect on who we become. I enjoyed this film, as it was very different, and very well put together. I recommend catching this brand new Christmas film when you can.

Here is the home page for this new Lifetime Christmas film.

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