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Jack Sanderson

Jack Sanderson decides to transform himself into Santa Claus. He lives in Los Angeles, and gets into the spirit 100%. He bleaches his hair and beard white, gets custom fitted for a very expensive Santa suit, and then attends Santa school and learns as much about the role as you in several days. Then he starts fulfilling the dream of pleasing kids and adults alike as Santa, riding in a parade, ringing a bell on the street corner in New York City, talking to children and asking them about their wishes for Christmas. In this documentary, we follow Jack step by step as he becomes Santa. Wee get to meet the children, as well as the adults who keep the spirit alive. We learn Jack’s story while we learn the history of Santa and how he got to where he is in our culture today. We meet other Santa enthusiasts and learn why they love it. We get to see Jack’s highs and lows as he works though the season and tries to decide whether to do it again or not.

This is an original 2011 documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network for this season. It’s a serious documnetary, although it’s fun due to the subject, but it’s a serious look at the hard work that goes into the job and what it takes for the men and women who do a lot to make Christmas special for children. It’s moderately interesting, as there’s a lot of info in there, and we really get to know what it takes to be a Santa. I think Jack found out it was a lot harder than he thought. In fact, as we leave him, he’s trying to decide whether or not to do it again. If you’re interested in what it takes to be a Santa, this is it.

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