** Christmas Camp

Almost Never Films Inc., MarVista Entertainment,

Lily Anne Harrison, Talkha Kahn, Reece Ennis, Megan McQueen, Stephen Katz, Shadner Ifrene

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An advertising executive is up for a promotion, but finds a bit of competition when it comes to a new client who is a toy company, looking for a classic Christmas doll for the holiday. She is definitely not “classic Christmas” material so her boss sends her to Christmas Camp, a lodge that is all about Christmas traditions to learn how to do it right. But thigs get complicated when she starts to fall for the lodge owner’s son, and she begins to realize how much she’s been missing by spending every holiday working for her biggest client in the Bahamas. Turns out snow and holly makes a great holiday, and she has a lot to catch up on really fast.

This Christmas in July holiday premier from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is a refreshing film, as it’s a new movie right in the middle of the Christmas celebration in the heat of the summer, but unfortunately it’s a very worn out story premise. Over-worked anti-Christmas executive has to travel to a Christmas destination that she hates, but she learns to love Christmas while falling for the owner’s son. Yeah, that’s been done a hundred times it seems. I Have to give them some credit though as it is well done, and there is a certain number of possible holiday stories that can be told, and with dozens of new films to develop every season it’s really hard to do anything unique at all, but they should, at least, try for something a little bit fresh. Ah well, let’s go around the table one more time and say what we’re grateful for so that we can all feel like we’re really shallow people, eh? Sorry, not to be too excited about this premiere Christmas movie in July, but I’m sure it will be back around this Christmas, so you’ll have a chance to catch it if you wish.

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