Every year for the last three years,  we’ve done a special project called “Ed’s Christmas on TV Project” [Click here for the special page]

This year is no exception! We’ll be starting today mixing some holiday films in along with the regular reviews, but there is a list of hundreds of films that have already been reviewed. You’ll see them on the “Ed’s Christmas on TV Project” page, and you can recognize them as the titles will start with two snowflakes “**” in front of the title. These are films that appear on TV, on cable channels like Hallmark, and Lifetime, and all over the place. Many are available on demand and on Watch Instantly. I hope that if you are a Christmas Movie sucker like I am, that this special list helps you find the gems among the clinkers are you enjoy your holiday viewing.

And we have to stop and thank God for Tivo!!!

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Ed “The Movie Guy” Goettman


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