Legendary Entertainment Alliance,

Garry Moore, Durwood Kirby, Marion Loren, Carol Burnette, Charlie Weaver, Mahalia Jackson, Jonathan Winters, Julie Andrews, Buster Keaton

This very old classic TV Christmas Episodes of The Garry Moore Show from the 1950’s is presented in their original form. These have not been seen in 50 years. The audio has been remastered and is very good considering the age of these TV shows. Filled with skits, songs, dancing, and lots of funny banter, even the commercials which in those days were worked into the show. This takes you back to the days when TV was king.

This title would lead you to believe that it is from the Carol Burnett Show era with Tim Conway, Lyle Waggoner, and Harvey Korman. It’s not at all. Many will remember that Carol Burnett started out as a regular on The Garry Moore Show long before she became a household name. But I suppose the makers of the DVD figured not near as many people would remmber Garry Moore. So they intentionally dropped the original title “The Garry Moore Show Presents:” to make it appear to be from the Carol Burnett Show era. Unfortunately Carol has a few small parts and appears just a handful of times. But if they had advertised it honestly, this is a great look back at a few decades earlier when Carol was but a kid, and TV variety shows were just finding their way. These are touching series, and it is very full of the holiday spirit. There are some really great appearances here, and some great music. This is a good look back at the classic early days of TV, and well worth it, but I took off some stars for the dirty trick of removing a reference to what the show actually is in the title. Don’t be fooled thinking you are getting something else. Some of the little bits Carol does, on the other hand, are very funny, and give you a glimpse of the comedienne inside waiting to burst out in just a few years. I found it enjoyble as I remember those days.

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