Ed is out of commission!!!!


When it rains, it pours. I’ve lost equipment right and left including a disk drive that will no longer boot. A backup drive which stopped working the night before. I have backups of all my files, but I need to get them back into a place where I can work on them, but there’s more. Work is crazy busy. My company provided me with a fax blast to complete to 13,500 people. I have guests coming and we’re remodeling most of the second floor, from bedrooms to bathroom, to the little office where I spend my days and nights.

Add to that severe headaches (probably lack of sleep) and horrible back pain, and I’m walking around looking like Quasimodo. Meanwhile I can’t even talk about Dark Night Rises cause I haven’t been to the theater in weeks. Give me a few days to recover, and I’ll have 2 new computers and all my stuff restored, and we’ll be back on track to hit 1000 reviews very soon.

Bear with me and if you are hurting for reviews, here is the the archives page!!!!

Take care!


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