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Ashley Judd, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jonah Hauer King, Edward James Olmos, Alexandria Shipp, Barry Watson, Wes Studi

Bella is a lonely pit bull pup who was abandoned and lost, but taken in by a mother cat. He’s adopted by Lucas, a young medical student who’s landlord does not allow dogs. Lucas works for a veteran’s hospital and sneaks Bella into the hospital to interact with the patients, but he knows he has to send Bella off 400 miles away for a while while he finds a new place to live. Unfortunately Bella escapes and undertakes a long journey to travel the 400 miles or so to find his way back home.

I actually wanted to see this, even though it looks like a really sappy dog story like many in the past, but I found myself really enjoying it to the top. Although it was obvious what would happen, the voice acting was good, and the photography is absolutely stunning. Bella naturally makes a few friends along the way, which really added to the story a LOT, and it was very touching, but insanely interesting. I was pulled in through the entire story, and really enjoyed a nice relaxing evening in the recliner chairs, munching popcorn, and enjoying the journey. I highly recommend this film for #1 – dog lovers who are going to love the dog story. #2 – Parents and grandparents who want to really enjoy a PG movie with the little ones who will also love this, and #3 – basically anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a pleasant story with a happy ending. I found this movie really well done, and the live action animal actors really entertaining. Furthermore, it does bring up some really good issues to talk about, or at least think about after the film. This is a winner!

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