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Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers, Kristen Kerr, Peter Bogdanovich, Tim Thomerson, Tara Subkoff, Caia Coley, America Young

Mary Walsh (Brittany Murphy) drives her boyfriend Kevin Peterson (Dean Cain) to the hospital for outpatient surgery that is supposed to take about an hour. When she returns from the coffee shop, he’s gone, and no one has any idea what happened to him. She tries to piece it together only to find out that nobody by that name is on the record as having been there, the doctor who is performing the surgery is on vacation, and there is no nurse Amanda who she claims checked him in. Now her sanity is called into question as she is taking strong doses of an anti-depressant due to the recent unexpected death of her mother in a hospital. The hospital psychiatrist wants her admitted for 72 hours, but the police detective who happens to be in the hospital for a follow up appointment thinks maybe there might be something more sinister going on.

This is a very exciting thriller. This is Brittany Murphy’s last film, and the movie was dedicated to her. It’s not big budget Hollywood, but it’s suspenseful ride through sanity and insanity and there may be as few surprises along the way. This is movie like “Where are the Children” or “Shutter Island“. It’s a very good little film, and a great tribute to Brittany Murphy, a talented actress who is gone too soon. Mimi Rogers plays the role of the hospital administrator and does a great job and was a great add to the film. However I have still not figured out the shrink in this movie. He really creeps me out, and I can’t tell if he’s a psycho himself or just one of the weirdest doctors I’ve ever seen!

This film will keep you wondering throughout, and though parts are kind of hard to believe, don’t go into it trying to pick apart the logic. If you do that, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, just enjoy the ride. It’s like a long crime story on prime time TV, academy award material, it’s not. But if you’re curious to see Brittany Murphy’s last on-screen appearance, you’ll probably enjoy the suspense and mystery.

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