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Eli Roth, Andrea Osvárt, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez, Lorenza Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko, Selena Gomez

A group of tourists are partying at a local nightclub, and decide stay another day to travel to a different town to visit an underground party that is “the real Chile”. While there, an earthquake happens, pretty much destroying the town. Now Tsunami warnings are given, and the group decides to head to higher ground, but during the earthquake the walls of the local prison came down, and the inmates were able to escape. The group is torn apart by the continued aftershocks and the violence of the escaped prisoners who are just out to cause trouble.

This movie was inspired by a real major earthquake in Chile, which gave the director/producer the idea of making a horror film based on the aftermath of the quake. This is a fairly low budget film, and it’s a bit corny from time to time, but all in all it did have an awful lot of suspense. There are a sequence of disasters that make the initial quake seem minor as these events pick off the party one by one. It’s cleverly done, with real stunts, not CGI and special effects. This makes the horror and suspense even greater. Eli Roth does a pretty good job considering he directed himself in this film as well. The movie is done mostly in English, by the main characters, but when the locals are speaking Spanish, we need subtitles to understand. I have heard that some copies of this film did not include English subtitles, so unless you’re fluent in Spanish, be sure your copy has the subtitles if you need them. You would really miss a lot if you didn’t understand the Spanish dialogue.

This is a horrific disaster film, full of violence, suspense, and real terror. It earns it’s R rating, and in fact, originally came out as NC-17, but had to be re-cut to earn the R rating. Even so, the gore is pretty intense, and there’s a lot of pain and suffering. There’s some double crosses, and some just plain dirty tricks. So this is not a Hollywood Blockbuster, nor is it an extremely cerebral film. But it is what it sets out to be, a chilling horror film with plenty of edge of your seat excitement. I did enjoy it.

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