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Amber Heard, Anson Mount, Whitney Able, Michael Welch, Edwin Hodge, Aaron Himelstein, Luke Grimes, Melissa Price, Brooke Bloom

Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) has turned into a beautiful girl. Orphaned and raised by her aunt, Mandy is not only beautiful, but very selective. But all the guys want to get her. Some friends plan a weekend outing on a secluded ranch owned by one of the boys, and they are delighted when Mandy agrees to join several other girls and go to the ranch. No one is home except for a rough ranch hand who doesn’t seem too happy to have all the kids around, but Mandy takes a liking to him and tries to invite him into their Truth or Dare game, but when bodies start piling up, it looks like no one is going to end up with Mandy, and perhaps no one will survive the trip.

This is a 2006 movie that is just newly released on DVD, and apparently had a brief theater run. I’m not sure why this was held so long before release in the US. It has been available for some time in other countries. This is a horror film, most of all, but it starts out like one of the teen movies that are so common. It takes a dark twist in a hurry and ends up with a bit of a surprise ending. Some of you may see it coming, but I was caught by surprise. The acting is way better than normal in this type of film, and though the formula is familiar, it does a pretty good job of making it fresh by the surprises along the way. The film is not the most bloody and gory movie I’ve seen. It has a few moments of gore, but it’s not a heavy handed as some of the genre. It is definitely not a movie for kids though, and deserves the R rating it earned. If you’re a fan of horror films, this is definitely not a classic, but it’s well worth the effort.

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