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Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Roth, Brit Marling, Laetitia Casta, Nate Parker, Stuart Margolin, Chris Eigeman, Graydon Carter, Bruce Altman

Robert Miller (Richard Gere) is a financial genius, but in some trouble. He was planning on selling the company to an unsuspecting buyer by propping up his company’s value by borrowing millions from a friend. But the sale is running into problems, and the friend is calling for his money back. If he can’t pull the sale off immediately, he’s looking at serious jail time. But then a series of events puts things in a much darker place, and Robert is stuck trying to manipulate things his way, or losing everything. This forces him to reach out to unexpected places to try to stay afloat.

This is a surprising little Wall Street money monger drama, that really caught me off guard. I didn’t expect much, but Richard Gere was really good in this movie. Plus we get the bonus of Susan Sarandon as his clueless wife who turns out to be not so clueless after all. The surprising thing is there are a number of twists and turns that really slam you against the side of the seat from time to time. I expected a corrupt Wall Street money man like I’ve seen in several films, but this is more about family, tragedy, and shocking events that turn his life upside down. Sure he’s made some bad choices, but he’s in a bind. The way Gere makes us feel the stress and guilt over what he finds himself having to do, makes us realize that he does have a conscience and did this all out of necessity. But he’s wondering, just as we are, if it’s still wrong. This is fast moving movie. It doesn’t bore you with wall to wall dialog, but rather takes us through the events in a swirl that will probably leave you breathless. well written, this is a decent drama, and well worth catching.

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