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Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Tzi Ma

Twelve mysterious flying objects from space arrive across the globe in a twelve different locations. One is in Montana in the U.S. Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) is responsible to find out what it going on and has a team that is trying to determine if there is anyone or anything inside and if there is, what they want with us. One thing for sure is these devices are not from this planet. Colonel Weber chooses Louise Banks (Amy Adams) an expert linguist and Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) a top scientist, to head up the team that go into the ship and attempt to communicate with whatever they find in there. No one knows if they are coming to attack, or to make friends, or if there is some other motive, or if there is anything in there at all. This is a highly suspenseful sci-fi thriller.

This film arrived in the theaters in November of 2016, but with all the other big films coming out over the holidays, I missed this. While it’s still in the theaters, I wanted to make a trip to get to see it on a big screen. I’m glad I did. Though not quite as impressive as Passenger was, this is more of a scientific adventure. We get to witness the secret goings-on behind the scenes of this investigation and lots of things that would be held back from the public to avoid panic and chaos. It’s also not a mistake that they arrived in 12 different locations at the same time in all the top military countries. Discussions with the British, the Chinese, the Russians, and lots of other groups is critical to determine the proper response to the situation. This is a very well developed script, and played very well by the three top actors in this project. Amy Adams was really good as a scholarly and highly learned linguist and college professor. Jeremy on the other hands brings a scientific look to the problem, and the coordination between the two outlooks is portrayed very well and I found very believable. The suspense is very intense, and it was very well done. We only get bits and pieces of the story in the same manner as the characters. Each revelation is a surprise and very well portrayed. This is a excellent story to begin with which they turned into a really entertaining film. I was quite impressed with this film, and it was very though provoking. It made me think. I highly enjoyed this movie, and I do recommend it. The more you like science fiction and alien stories, the more you will likely enjoy this film, but I feel like it’s exciting enough for action-adventure as well.

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