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Jason Mewes, Erica Cox, Richard Fitzpatrick, Jordan Madley, Nic Nac, Stuart Stone, Grace Armas, Amy Lynn Grover, Jeff Pangman, Shawn Goldberg

Jack (Jason Mewes) and Roger (Richard Fitzpatrick) are paramedics. Their “beat” is the mean streets where they job mostly involves picking up the same drug addicts time after time, week after week. They get to know these clowns on a first name basis. One night while coming home, Jack finds a young lady who has been badly injured and left for dead. The girl is Danika (Erica Cox) and Jack decides to take her home (He lives upstairs from where he found her) and help put her back in shape. When he decides to take her to the hospital, she refuses to go. Jack is a loser in love, and recently separated from his ex-girlfriend who recently dumped him, so he’s ready for a new relationship with Danika, but he assumes she must be a drug addict. But as the dead bodies start piling up in the freezer, he determines she’s definitely an addicts, but it’s not drugs that are the problem.

This is a “Watch Instantly” film on NetFlix, and often caught on late night cable channels. The language is a bit rough, since Mewes and Fitzpatrick drop the “F-Bomb” in every sentence, sometimes 4 or 5 times in one sentence. But here’s a warning. This is the Jason Mewes show, and if you don’t know the name Jason Mewes, then you might recognize him as Jay form all the classy Jay and Silent Bob movies. If you don’t know who Jay is, then I suggest you beware this film, as he plays the classic lame-brained Jay character all the way through. But if you know Jay and Silent Bob, then Jason plays this guy to the T. It’s hysterically funny and in a Jason Mewes kind of way, and the funniest bits in the film are between these two buddy paramedics. But Erica Cox is very pretty, and naked through most of the movie, or if covered, in the skimpiest of outfits! She’s obvious in a rough place, and needs Jack to get her through it.

One of the greatest Jason Mewes lines comes when he comes home and find his Ex-Girlfriend has been slaughtered by Danika and there is a bloody mess all over the apartment, when he looks at her perfectly straight faced and says, “You killed my f-ing ex-girlfriend. I don’t know whether to call the cops or buy you flowers!” These kinds of zingers are uttered at random moments throughout the entire film.

Again, it takes a love of the crude humor of Jason Mewes, but if you can take that and are not easily offended by the language, it’s hysterical. This was a really funny sci-fi horror flick that is more humor than horror by a mile. I completely enjoyed seeing Jason Mewes doing what he does the best, in his own film without Silent Bob for backup;. A very good time in a short, 88 minute film. It’s long enough though, and any more might get on your nerves.

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