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Amy Cole (Kristen Stewart) is a soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay where the worst guys from the Muslim extremists who carried out the attacks on 9/11 are held. She has the job to guard these guys and it’s a difficult job due to the fact that she’s the only female in her group. She is instructed to keep her distance from the detainees and never to give out her name or any personal information that they could use against her or her family. She tries her best to be a good soldier, but she’s drawn to Ali (Peyman Moaadi), one of the detainees who wants to talk with her. As she learns more about this man, she begins to wonder what is really true and who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. It’s not all that simple sometimes.

This is a rather good film that gives you a lot to think about. These are touchy subjects. Right off the bat, I am in no way a Kristen Stewart fan. In her typical role she is much like a cardboard cutout. But there is something about this part that really resonated off of her, and she did a splendid job. This was a great role for her and she did a really good job and I must say I was impressed. But the star of the film is Peman Moaadi who plays the detainee who wants the final Harry Potter book so bad. I guess the Harry Potter series was very popular in the camp. Peman brings a humanity to his role that is excellent. He brings humor to a humorless place, and yet has some deep soul searching moments, and some tragic moments that really impress. Basically the majority of the film is the discussion between the two through a little hole in the door. Of course getting close to a political detainee is forbidden and she’s taking a great risk and gathering some unpleasant attention by spending so much time with one prisoner. But the story is so well done, that when it’s over you’ll be sorry that it’s ending. I think the writer did an excellent job with this screenplay and with the help and inspiration of his actors they brought us a piece of thought provoking cinema that is really enjoyable to watch. It is rated R, and some bad things happen which certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for younger kids, but for those able to comprehend the ugliness of war, it’s a well done film. For Kristen Stewart haters who dismissed this film because she is the star, take a second look at it and give this a chance. This is certainly her best performance to date and it is a very thoughtfully done bit of film making. Recommended for mature audiences.

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