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Harvey Korman, Peter Scolari, T.K. Carter, Stephanie Faracy, Chuck McCann, Graham Jarvis, Dick Yarmy, Maxine Stuart, Ernest Borgnine

Carpool is a TV movie from 1983 which is now available on DVD and Netflix Watch Instantly. It’s the story of four loser carpoolers driving from Pomona to Downtown LA together. Wendell Brooks (Harvey Korman) is a telemarketer who can’t sell anything, Robert Duff (Peter Scolari) is a struggling actor, Otis Vaughan (T K Carter) is working two crappy jobs just trying to break even, and Jennifer O’Connor (Stepahnie Faracy) is a former nun who is trying to make it on the “outside). On the way home from work after a near collision, the door of an armored car flies open and drops a bag of nearly a million dollars right in front of the fortunate carpool. The pick it up, decide to give it all back, but somehow find that it’s much harder to return that they ever dreamed. Everyone’s looking for it from the cops, to the FBI, to the special underworld task force. Things go from crazy to crazier all the way through this as the weird foursome have to fight to try to survive not matter how complicated it gets.

This is a TV movie, as I stated above, so it’s not very high tech. And it’s old! It’s from 1983. So why am I watching it? Well, one reason is I was looking for something unusual to watch on NetFlix “Watch Instantly” and this has a great group of comedians in it. With the likes of Harvey Korman, Ernest Borgnine, Chuck McCann, and Peter Scolari, I figured it would be funny, and it was. It’s a little dated. It’s really 1983 there, but it was very nostalgic for the times of Tim Conway and Don Knotts style comedies. I wasn’t disappointed in this. No, it’s not a blockbuster, but it was a real funny nostalgic trip back to the days when comedies we funny but not crude or rude. I really enjoyed watching this and recommend it to someone looking for something funny to watch on NetFlix Watch Instantly. It’s a good funny hour and half that will remind you of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World. Very well done for a TV movie, and lots of fun to watch. Do not be confused with the 1996 film entitled Carpool as well. It’s a Tom Arnold film, and not the same as this movie. I haven’t watched that one yet, but perhaps someday when I’m ready for a dose of Tom Arnold. This one is Harvey Korman and Ernest Borgnine. It’s worth searching for.

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