Misher Films, Anonymous Content, Case 39 Productions

Renee Zewllweger, Jodelle Ferland, Ian McShane, Bradley Cooper, Callum Keith Rennie, Adrian Lester, Kerry O’Malley, Cynthia Stevenson, Alexander Conti

Emily Jenkins (Renee Zellweger) is an overworked social worker who is working 38 cases. Her boss drops off another one, the 39th case. Renee goes out to visit the little girl, and it’s clear that the family is very, very weird. The girl won’t talk about it, but Emily figures something is wrong, and she doesn’t want to let it go. After failing to convince her boss that it’s critical to go and help this little girl, Emily decides to do it on her own, and stumbles into a situation where the little girl’s life is in real danger. The girl’s very strange parents are arrested and Lilith (Jodelle Ferland) is saved, and put in a foster care. But she is so stressed and scared that Renee decides to temporarily bring her to her house until they are able to find a permanent home for her. But soon she learns that something is seriously wrong and she’s having a hard time getting to the bottom of what is going on. Pretty soon the two of them are in a very dangerous situation along with anyone who is close to them.

I had the intention of seeing this film in the theater, but never made it. Now that it’s out on DVD I was anxious to see it. It wasn’t what I expected, but I was not disappointed. My wife and I turned out the lights, turned up the sound, and watched the suspense build and build. This is a creepy story. The suspense builds and builds. As I said, I expected a different path for how it was going to turn out, and it went a completely different way. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it has some really intense scenes. The story is not extremely unique, this has been done before, but the screenplay is very concise and direct and we get there quickly. This gives us enough time for enough for some really spooky scenes. I enjoyed this film, and though it’s not exactly classic or completely memorable, it’s certainly an enjoyable adventure along the way. If you enjoy a suspenseful movies, this is a good one.

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