Fox Searchlight

Ed Helms, John C Reilly, Sigourney Weaver, Rob Corddry, Anne Heche

Tim (Ed Helms) is an insurance salesman from a tiny town and has never been away from home. But he’s sent to the city of Cedar Rapids to a big insurance convention where he’s expected to bring home the two diamonds award for the 4th straight time. This is his first trip however (the previous winner is no longer living!), and so he’s petrified and doesn’t know how to survive in the big city. He tries to fit in, but meets up with some unusual characters who teach him a bit too much about the convention lifestyle! “What happens in Cedar Rapids, stays in Cedar Rapids”.

This is a surprisingly funny little film. With top notch stars like John C Reilly, Sigorney Weaver, and Rob Corddry there are enough funny bits to make the story very light and enjoyable. It’s a fish out of water story, but told in a unique and very pleasing way. Tim finds out a lot more than he wants to know about city life and can’t wait to head back to the small town. But events and circumstances may make that an impossible journey. But first he has to survive the misadventures his friends put him up to.

I recommend this for anyone who’s been on a business trip and can relate to the troubles staying in a motel with 3 roommates can bring. It’s funny, clever, and well told. I thought it a good little film.

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