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Danny Trejo, Mickey Rourke, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer, Richard Dillane, Colin Mace, Emil Hostina, Ovidiu Niculescu

When Guerrero (Danny Trejo) arrives in the town they call Tombstone he decides he and his gang are going to take control. But the gang double crosses him and kills him. Guerrero ends up in hell where he’s faced by the devil (Mickey Rourke) who is rather excited to have him to torture for eternity. But Guerrero makes a deal with the devil that in exchange for his life, he will kill every one of the gang members and trade their souls for his own. With time running out, he has to avenge each one by his own hand or return to the devil.

This is a movie for Trejo fans. If you love Machete and you can’t wait until the third installment, then this is made for you. It’s a straight out western, no aliens or zombies running around, unless you count Guerrero coming back from the dead, so it’s not as gimmicky as many other westerns lately. It’s just bad ass versus bad ass in an all out gun battle royal. Mikey Rourke is a plus to the cast, and he makes a pretty decent devil, but it’s definitely all Trejo. There’s not much more to say, as it’s a decent movie, but certainly not great. It doesn’t have the star power that the Machete films do, and most mainstream audiences aren’t going to get this, but it’s made for the people who loved the spaghetti westerns of the 70’s. The Terrence Hill, Bud Spencer’s Trinity films, the Clint Eastwood westerns, and the Lee Van Cleef, Lee Marvin westerns of old. This is a newer breed, but in a similar vein, so it should be easy to tell before going in if this is the kind of movie that will appeal to you or not. If you’re the right kind, you’ll enjoy the adventure. Otherwise, stay away. It will be absurd to you.

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