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Cameron Bright, Abigail Breslin, Logan Huffman, Francesca Eastwood, Alexander Ludwig, Wes Bentley, Reece Thompson

When Veronica (Abagail Breslin) was a little girl, she lost her parents. A gentleman took her in and trained her to be the ultimate assassin. When Veronica moved to a new school, a group of boys played a “game” where they would prey on the girls in their school, taking them out into the woods, and killing them. It’s a sport, but Veronica is ready for them and battles to bring justice and retribution to the group.

This is a rather odd movie. Not that it doesn’t have its merits though. It’s just a bit strange is all. There is not much explanation as to what is going on. We simply get the basics. The backstory is very sparse. But we’re aware that Veronica is being groomed for something. The final half of the movie is very powerful. There’s suspense, action, mystery, the whole shebang. Abigail did a heck of a job in this role. It’s coarse and very, very dark, but these clowns have some retribution coming. They are pure, unfeeling evil. I found it rather unique and interesting. Now there’s a lot of haters of this movie, and maybe they have a valid reason. All I can say is that if you can handle a dark mystery with a huge slice of crime and violence, give this a try. At least it will be interesting.

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