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Elisabeth Shue, Steven Mackintosh, Kathleen Chalfant, Khandi Alexander, Anne Wolf, Blair Brown

Laura (Elisabeth Shue) and her husband Steven (Steven Mackintosh) are a young couple living in the city where Laura is a dancer and has a dream of dancing on the stage furthering her career. But when Laura finds herself pregnant, Steven decides it’s best for them to move out to the country. Laura finds herself alone while her husband travels back and forth to the city every day. When the baby comes, Laura is very overwhelmed. Her Mom won’t come to help because she doesn’t want to make the trip, but when Steven hires a nanny to help her, Laura is even more suspicious. There is a doll that keeps making it’s appearance, and the house has some history after Laura found a diary hidden in a secret place. The more she finds out about things, and the more she learns about satanic rituals from her reading the more she’s terrified until it all comes to a final conclusion.

This is an interesting film. It’s not pure horror, nor is it focused on the Satanic rituals as the write-ups would have you believe. But it’s a psychological thriller. The unique thing about this movie is that the entire film is done from Laura’s point of view and her understanding. This means that unless the other characters tell he something, we’re not going to know either. This means that a lot of questions don’t get answered because Laura doesn’t get them answered. The movie is rather slow at times, and there are a lot of different paths we wander down that don’t amount to much, but this “Lifetime” style movie does have a creepy and scary look at how difficult it is to try to take care of a newborn, pretty much all alone out in the country by yourself, and especially with the postpartum depression that goes along with it. She just doesn’t get any help from anywhere.

Elisabeth Shue is really good in this role and she was a good casting choice. This is real life, and as such, it’s not over the top CGI special effects, but real life terror and suspense that we see. Not a bad film at all.

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Movie Review - First Born (2007) {PG-13}, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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    E25mad25 said

    July 4 2012 @ 7:55 am

    The Movie is a MASTERPEICE rated 5/5, Grace is similar but it had a sucky ending, but this one is AMAZINg trust me!!

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