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Jet Li, Xun Zhou, Kun Chen, Lunmei Kwai, Yuchun Li, Mavis Fan, Siu-Wong Fan, Chia Hui Liu

The Ming Dynasty is ending, and a fearsome warlord grabs control of everything he can get his hands on. An inn, the Dragon Gate Inn, has and innkeeper who has gone missing, and the new inn is staffed by thieves and robbers masquerading as regular citizens. As the world prepares for battle, a vicious sandstorm approaches, one that comes to plaque China every 60 years. A giant battle approaches at a city long buried beneath the sand.

This is an excellent film, one with beautiful cinematography, scenery that is awesome to see, and some pretty good acting in this classic style Chinese martial arts film. Filled with the magic and mystery of China’s legendary ages. Jet Li stars in this film, and he’s one of the best. Like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” this film is a beautiful subtitled movie of the same quality. If you enjoy this type of film, this is certainly worth watching. One look at the trailer, and you’ll see how well done this film is. It’s well worth the effort of reading the subtitles to enjoy the beauty and majesty of this special film. Still, all that aside, the battles and fighting is also done in a very professional manner as well. Whether for the majesty of the Chinese scenery, or the action sequences and action, this is a good one on a great number of levels.

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