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Victoria Justice, Thomas McDonell, Jane Levy, Thomas Mann, Osric Chau, Jackson Nicoll, Josh Pence, Johnny Knoxville, Chelsea Handler, Thomas Middleditch

Wren (Victoria Justice) has big plans for a Halloween Party when her Mom (Chelsea Handler) informs her that she’s babysitting her brother so Mom can go out. Wren’s not too happy about that, but soon brother disappears out of sight in a sea of trick-or-treaters, and Wren and a bunch of her friends set out on a city wide quest to search for him. What follows is chaos and piles of trouble. But just when it seems Wren has no hope of finding her brother, her true friends come shining through to help her see what’s been right in front of her eyes all along.

The trouble with this movie is that I’ve seen it many times. It started with Clueless and Adventures in Babysitting, and went on and on, through many revisions. One of the latest was Jonah Hill’s “The Sitter”. There isn’t anything really unique in this film. It has decent moments, and is rather funny, but it is SO derivative.

Well, there is certainly an audience for this film, and it’s not at all bad for the teen girl crowd who haven’t seen all the other films. They’re going to recognize the new faces from shows they watch, and enjoy the slapstick humor and gags. It’s Halloween themed, which ads to the fun, and it has a romance story or two thrown in. So I’m sure it’s going to be very popular with the under 20 crowd. It’s nice to see Jane Levy, TV’s Tessa from Suburgatory in a funny role that adds a lot. Even Johnny Knoxville is here. But for the over 21 crowd, I doubt you’re going to be impressed with this film. Like me, you’re likely to say, “Hey, I’ve seen this all before”. And you’d be right.

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