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Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong, Douglas Hodge, Ralph Brown, Linda Emond, Ilia Volok, E.J. Bonilla, Victor Hugo, David Shae, Theodora Miranne, Diego Adonye, Lilla Banak, Igor Szasz

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is a crack hired assassin who is the best in the world, working for undercover government operatives and sent on missions all over the world. He is simply the most outstanding sharpshooter in the world. But when Henry wants to retire, he suddenly finds himself being hunted by a younger assassin who seems to anticipate his every move. As he falls deeper into the shadows, he learns that the fellow hunting him is a much younger version of himself, who was cloned from his DNA a few decades ago just for the possibility that he might someday be too old to continue.

This action film is, unfortunately, the usual rogue agent fighting an evil government group who has gone bad and who are trying to kill him rather than bringing him in. This is a common theme on these types of films. (Think of all the Jason Bourne films for example.) But this is a bit unique as Will gets to play both roles with the help of a lot of special effects. Junior (Henry’s clone) is really creepy to look at sometimes. This film had a long, long time in the works being made, and many other actors were attached to the project before Will eventually got it. It might have been a different movie with one of the other actors, but Will actually didn’t do bad in this film. If anything, it failed to really dig into the real motives behind the decisions made by the characters, and though Junior had been lied to, he didn’t really react too reasonably when faced with the truth of the situation. The action sequences were outstanding and the chases, crashed, and explosions were stunning, but it was a bit shallow. Still, it didn’t come out that bad, and was a really decent movie to watch. All I’m saying is that with a few tweaks, it could have been better, but it still works. It is a good example of this secret agent type of drama, and has all the necessary parts. Maybe it’s not necessary to run out and see this for $15.00 a ticket, but I would definitely see this as a rental down the line. Will Smith did a good job here, and he didn’t have either of his kids in the movie to his credit (except for Jaden’s song in the soundtrack). All in all a decent action flick and worth the effort to see.

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