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Russel Brand, Jonah Hill, Elisabeth Moss, Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs, Rose Byrne. Kristen Bell (as Sarah Marshall), and a slew of cameo appearances by people you know.

Sarah Marshall dumped her poor boyfriend and took off to Hawaii with one Aldous Snow (Russell Brand),  Sarah and Aldous didn’t make it, so Aldous went back home to his home and career. After “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” ended, this movie picks up the story of Aldous.  His latest album “African Child” is a flop and the single was banned and deemed the worst thing that happened to Africa since Apartheid.  His new girlfriend, Jackie Q, took their son and left him, so he’s back on drugs and drinking to massive excess.  Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is a flunky working for Pinnacle Records for Sergio Roma (Sean Combs) who is hysterical as a tyrannical record company executive.  Aaron lives with his girlfriend Daphne (Elisabeth Moss) who is doing her M.D. internship and working crazy hours and putting their relationship on the rocks.  Sergio, looking for anything to save the company, decides Aaron’s idea of celebrating the 10th anniversary of a famous live album and concert by Aldus at the Greek by having another concert and recording another live album.  Sergio sends Aaron off to London to get Aldous, bring him to New York to announce it on the Today Show, and then to the Greek for the concert.  With Aldus’ current situation of drinking and drugs, Aaron is in for the time of his life.

This is actually a pretty funny movie spin-off of a funny character developed for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall film.  The situations they find themselves in are pretty funny, as is Jonah’s typical depiction of a nerdy guy trying to be cool, but not pulling it off very well.  Though crude at times, it’s mostly good fun and it’s not nearly as embarrassing to watch in mixed company as Forgetting Sarah Marshall was!  This is a good adult comedy, and a little more adult oriented than the typical teen-age comedy that we are often forced to watch because there isn’t anything for grown-ups anymore.  This is definitely more grown up than the typical fare.  It fits in well with Sarah Marshall. (The cameo to her is hysterical as is the time they spend looking for Aldous’ father in Las Vegas).  Funny stuff.

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