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Amanda Seyfried, Wes Bentley, Michael Paré, Daniel Sunjata, Joel David Moore, Robert Blanche, Ted Rooney, Sebastian Stan, Jennifer Carpenter, Jeanine Jackson, Emily Wickersham

Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is an young adult who works as a waitress in an all night diner. She has just been released from a mental hospital and is taking her meds, and trying to be a good girl. She claims that some years earlier she was abducted and taken out deep in the woods where she managed to escape. But she was in a pit with human remains of other victims. No believed that, as there was no evidence at all that she had been taken by anyone, and the doctors think it was a psychotic fantasy. Now her sister has disappeared causing Jill to think it’s all happening again, and she must save her sister. She has a gun, and she’s a strong woman, but the police just want to bring her in before someone gets hurt, and no one believes she is sane. With no one to believe her, Jill is just going to have to go out and solve the problem herself. But she’s not very stable, and she’s got a gun, and she’s down the the last of her medication!!!

This is not a graphic horror story. There is very little actual violence and not much blood and guts. It’s more of a dark psychological thriller. It’s set in Portland, and if you’re familiar with Portland, it’s a beautiful city. But it rains all the time, and provided deep green brush, and dark damp days (and nights). The setting is perfect for this story, as it’s beautiful, but dark and creepy just the same, even in the daytime. The suspense is strong, and it is hard to know what’s real and what isn’t, right up to the last moment.

It is not seeming to gain any traction in the box office department, but it is a creepy and very suspenseful little film. It’s too bad, because it was very enjoyable. Amanda does a great job as the loony girl who’s not got it all together, but at the same time, she’s tough and able to stand up to the toughest of bullies. The rest of the cast is good, though not very memorable, but they are just the “rest of the cast” after all, and a good mystery requires that we don’t get to know too much about any of them until we find out if they’re guilty or innocent. It’s easy to sit through the film and pick out the killer a number of times. But each time you do, another logical choice comes along. By the end, you’re so caught up in the story when you find out it wasn’t what you expected at all.

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