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Kaitlyn Leeb, Cassi Thomson, Dejan Loyola, Graham Wardle, Hiro Kanagawa

Maiko is a student living in Japan and trying to deal with her mother’s sudden suicide. She takes a few friends and enters into the “Suicide Forest” which is a well known place for people wishing to end their life, where he mother ended hers. Based on a photo in a mysterious box, and knowledge of the legend of the place, the friends head in to find out what they can. It’s a very spooky place that is very hard to find your way out, once you’re in it. The group runs across more than a few surprises and double-crosses in this scary for Halloween premier movie on the Sci-Fi channel. Danger and destruction are all around in this evil place.

This is a pretty scary, although quite simple movie. With the Japanese locations, some Japanese actors, and the whole ambiance familiar in Japanese horror movies, this one reminds us a lot of those kinds of movies. But it’s a TV movie, after all, and though it’s really creepy, it’s not that visually stunning, although that forest is a place I’d rather not be, thank you very much! Most Sci-Fi channel horror films are campy and have a lot of humor. This one doesn’t! It’s in your face scary from start to finish. A very good outing for a TV movie, I suspect next year it will be around on DVD, but for this year, you either have to catch it on Sci-Fi, or watch it online as it’s all over the place. Just search for the movie, and you’re sure to find it. It was a chiller for a cool fall evening at home!

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Movie Review - Grave Halloween (2013) {NR}, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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