DreamWorks Animation,

Matt Jones, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna

Oh (Jim Parsons) is part of a group of aliens who have arrived on Earth to find a new home. But Oh is a misfit and is well known for making mistakes. The aliens have to relocate the Earthlings to closed in reservations so that they can use the best parts of the planet, but unfortunately Oh makes another major mistake and alerts their enemies to their location putting the entire Earth in danger. Oh sets out to try to repair his mistake, when he runs into Tip (Rihanna), a young Earth girl who is trying to find her mother. The two make an odd pair as they try to help each other, and in the process discover what the real meaning of Home is.

Dreamworks gave us this rip-off of Lilo and Stitch, in a way, but it was actually a pretty decent little movie. Yes, I thought at any moment they were going to break out the “Ohana means family” line, but though it was close it didn’t appear. But the crazy loser alien who ends up on Earth being chased by the leaders of his planet who makes friends with an Earth girl is just the same story. But another very interesting thought that I had was whether Jim Parsons is the lead was annoying as hell, or if it was freaking brilliant. By the end of the movie, I was leaning toward the brilliance side. He plays Sheldon, for sure, and he screws up English much like Yoda putting the words in the wrong order, but there such a nice little charm to it all you you have to like Oh whether you want to or not. Tip is a bit annoying, as is the lady who plays here I’m afraid, but she was a good compliment to the very sweet Oh and gave it some grit. All in all, the movie is pretty decent, and the story was a lot of fun. The kids will probably love this, and as a grown up, I found it interesting enough to keep interested through the whole thing. If you have young ones, this is a good movie for kids, with lots of valuable lessons that are taught in the background. Meanwhile, the characters are funny and cute enough to keep the young ones interested. I think Dreamworks did pretty good on this one, and I recommend it for animation lovers and those with young ones alike.

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