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Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Kelli Garner, Heather Graham, David Morse, Kathleen Quinlan, James Remar

Ig Parrish (Daniel Radcliffe) has been in love with Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) since they were children. Noww Ig is prepared to ask her to marry him, but suddenly she turns up brutally murdered, and everyone in town seems to think he is the killer. To make matters worse “horns” begin growing on his forehead and everyone seems more than willing to confess their deepest and darkest sins ever since. It appears Ig is doomed unless he can somehow use this bizarre situation to determine who really killed Merrin, or if he did actually do it an can’t remember, before it’s too late.

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with this film. Either it’s extremely loved or wildly hated. I think perhaps the haters just don’t get it or don’t get the point of the story. This story is definitely not intended to be taken literally, nor can it be watched as a mystery/thriller with the expectation that normal things are going to happen. This is more of an allegory, or a way to look at issues that haunt or torture us. In normal thrillers, people do not grow horns that only certain people can see. If you try to take this film literally, you’ll go nuts. But this story is presented, like most fairy tales, as if it were real, so you have to suspend the disbelief at the premise, but simply accept that this happened, and enjoy the ride. Daniel Radcliffe did an excellent job with this role, and went through many metamorphoses along the way, not only in physical appearance, but emotionally.

The look of this movie is excellent, it’s very creepy. The suspense level is very high, and there’s quite a bit of blood and pain. The two main actors, Daniel and Juno are excellent, and the dialog is pretty good. It’s one of those films that you have to sit back and think about. I must admit, I really enjoyed it quite a bit, and I’m glad I passed on my instinct that this would be silly, and gave it a try.

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