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Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Julie Bowen, Donald Sutherland, Lindsay Sloane

Horrible Bosses is the story of three friends. Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) works for a big corporation run by Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) who is a jerk of a boss who has been running Nick through the ringer for years for no purpose other than to degrade him. Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) works at a chemical plant for a gentle boss (played by Donald Sutherland) who promises him that someday he’ll run the company. But he quickly croaks, and his coke head idiot son, Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell) takes over the company and is destroying the company with his coke habit, hookers, and lack of any redeeming value at all. Finally Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) works for the boss from hell, dentist Dr. Julia Harris D.D.S. (Jennifer Aniston) who is a sex crazed, blackmailing pervert of a boss who won’t stop harassing him even though he’s engaged. The three of the hate their jobs and their bosses, so they dream up a plan to hire a hit man (Jamie Fox) to kill all three of their bosses. Naturally everything goes downhill from there, and anything that can go wrong, does go wrong in this laugh fest from start to finish.

This truly is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a very long time. I laughed from start to finish in this thing. It was hysterical. The jokes are rapid fire, and the characters are wonderful. The bad guys are real jerks, and the 3 friends have the perfect chemistry. One is the straight man, afraid of doing the wrong things, scared not to toe the line, but talked into things that are spinning out of control by his funny sex crazed friend who is willing to try everything but can’t keep his mind off the ladies, to the third guy who is just plain nuts. Every character is perfectly developed and very, very funny. This film has a great collection of stars who had a riot filming this thing, as shown by the bloopers and outtakes in the closing credits. It was total fun, and just about the closest I’ve had to a 5 Star Comedy in a long time. This one is really good. It’s a bit crude, as most modern comedies are, but nothing in extreme bad taste, and it comes off as a real good comedy.

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