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This film covers the recent history and the financial theories and how well they have worked. It compares two basic philosophies. Ronald Regan and his theory that government is the problem, not the solution, and that in order for capitalism to work, government must be kept out of our lives and allow people to keep the money they earn. On the complete opposite is that of Barak Obama who believes that the only way to make our country great again is for the government to dig us out. His plan takes the money from those who have it and distribute it to those who don’t. Government bailouts of large corporations will give government the opportunity to make sure they are run properly and fairly. Drawing on presidential speeches, comic animation and graphics, this rousing political documentary examines the U.S. economy from top to bottom, including debates between Reagan and Carter, speeches by John Kennedy, and Richard Nixon. It also covers things all the way back to The New Deal, and the dangers we faced trying to dig our way out of our greatest depression that were relieved by World War II. Kennedy began cutting taxes, but at the time Reagan came into the presidency, the top tax rate was still at 70%.

The guy who made this documentary is not a politician, but he is a businessman who obviously believes in capitalism. As such, I think he gives a very on target assessment of the things that I believe are dead right. We will never succeed with a huge government that interferes with every part of our lives. If we attempt to target the rich, and attempt to take their money, the result will be that those fortunate and very intelligent people will change their efforts to finding ways to shelter themselves from taxes. These people aren’t stupid. Whether it means moving out of this country, or finding clever ways to find loopholes in the tax laws, they will find a way to keep their wealth. But I would much rather they spend their efforts founding companies, creating jobs, coming out with innovative ideas that will keep America ahead. But if force them to spend their efforts in finding a way around exorbitant taxes, they will.

The best way to beat poverty, above anything else, is a job. I truly believe that the only way to get America going again is to provide an environment where businesses can grow. The restrictions, red tape, government committees, and high taxes will just turn us into another third world country. We certainly have lots of innovation to do, if we only live in a climate where the smart people are able to figure them out, instead of putting them into a way to resist government regulations and tax after tax after tax. I really enjoyed this film and only wish it was being shown in schools and universities all over the country. Unfortunately it won’t. But nice try guys. It was a fascinating look at the truths we’re facing at this time, and hopefully it will reach enough people to make a difference.

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