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James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus, Kelly Curran

Rowan (James Marsden) has returned home to the chagrin but finally acceptance of his brother Becket (Thomas Jane). Rowan is searching for his wife who is missing in an area called the Grizzly Maze. This is an area that is hard to cross where the Grizzlies reign supreme. But as prepared as they are for the battle, one absurdly large and angry grizzly intends to kill the entire party.

This movie is kind of schizophrenic. It has it’s ups and downs. First the locations are stunning and really spectacular to look at. Secondly the cast is very good in their roles. On the down side, everything is really predictable and the CGI of the bear attacks is a bit annoying. Furthermore, this bear has such a grudge that it gets silly after while. I feel like this is the back woods version of Jaws, where the grizzly hates them and makes a point to seek them out for vengeance. It is a little over the top for my acceptance of the incredible. But it is a decently made wild animal film and is certainly not all bad is worth watching. If you you’re a fan of the outdoors and the magnificence of wild creatures (enhanced by a little too much CGI), then give this a shot. It’s excitement, but it’s a stretch.

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