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Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, Alexia Fast, Robert Duvall, Werner Herzog, Kristen Dalton, Nicole Forester, James Martin Kelly, Dylan Kussman

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is an ex-military cop who has a special hatred for a military sniper who killed in Iraq but seemingly got away with it. But when suddenly 5 random people are killed by a sniper, the police a quick to identify this guy as the killer. While in prison though, he sends a message out “Get Jack Reacher”. Jack sees this in the news and heads to town when the defense attorney (Rosamund Pike) reaches out to him to help her with the case. Reacher is convinced the guy is guilty, but agrees to search for the truth to prove his guilt, but is drawn into a much bigger plot that proves the 5 random people may not be as random as he thought in this suspenseful crime drama.

This movie looked like it was going to be really big when the first trailers hit the big screen. You probably remember the funny scene in the trailer where Reacher is driving like mad to escape the cops when he walks away from the car and blends into the crowd. It looked like it picked up a lot of buzz at that point, and it’s a Cruise flick, after all. Well it didn’t. I’m not sure why this didn’t tear up the box office, but there perhaps a couple reasons. Maybe it was due to the blockbuster films out at the same time, and the competition buried it. Furthermore, this is a highly intelligent crime drama, and despite the thrilling car chase and a great deal of suspense this is a much deeper movie than the typical Fast and Furious ridiculous CGI 7 story car leaps, 200 yard bridge jumps, and pseudo cosmic nuclear explosions. Nope, this is not all flash and boom, it’s actually got a very good story behind it. Perhaps we’ve become numb by the huge CGI explosions and such, I’m not sure. But now that Jack Reacher is out on DVD, there’s no reason not to go after this film right away as a rental. It’s a good psychological thriller with a great plot and really good acting. I’m definitely not a Cruise fan, but he was very good as Jack Reacher. I would much prefer this movie to any of his Mission Impossible adventures which are low on story and high on explosions. This film has some really good bad guys, and it’s hard to know as you go through who’s on which side, but it’s clear that Jack is going to sort it out at the end. I recommend this film if you’re in the mood for a crime thriller that will challenge your brain for a change instead of only eye candy.

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