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This documentary covers a lot of background information about Katy and her family and her background growing up in Santa Barbara, California, and also shows the performances of her Part of Me tour. During the time this documentary was filmed, Katy went from her marriage to Russell Brand through the failure of the marriage and the deep depression and sorry that followed. This is an excellent look into the life and times of a true pop star, and the cost of fame and fortune in real life.

I enjoyed this film a lot. Unfortunately most, of not all, of these concert films have failed to gather any traction in the box office. From the Jonas Brothers, to Justin Bieber, to Miley Cyrus and more, one after another of these “concert films” have failed. What is different about this film is the real view into the depression that followed the breakup with Russell Brand. When she married him, the whole world issued a sigh of “What are you thinking, girl?”, but it appears Katy really, really loved him a lot. She was doing everything she could to make it work, flying to Europe after her concerts to try to spend a weekend with him. But when it failed, Katy was at the peak of her popularity, and on a world tour which meant she was so hurt and destroyed inside, but had to put on a smile and go out on stage to give her best happy performance. Not only are all the great Katy Perry songs performed in the film, but we get to see what her life was like in the despair she felt and how “the show must go on” is really true.

What I got most from this film, besides the enjoyment of the talent she really has, was the close up look at her life and the good and the bad side by side. Katy is a true talent, and I gained so much appreciation for the hard work involved in making it all happen. There is no way most of us could ever make it. If you want to know what it really takes, watch this film.

Perhaps not a great $13.00 film in the theater, this thing really shines on the DVD, and is worth the watch if you are at all into Katy Perry and the music she brought to all of us. This is a nice look into her life and times.

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