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Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino, Matthew Lillard

Tobi Powell (Patrick Stewart) is a Julliard dance professor who has had an illustrious dancing career of his own. Now he lives a simple life built around dance. One day he is approached by a couple and the girl, Lisa (Carla Gugino) wants to interview Tobi for a magazine article. Mike Davis (Matthew Lillard) tags along but as the questions turn deeper and more probing, Mike gets more and more agitated. As it becomes clear Mike is dealing with his own issues, Tobi shuts down and becomes very silent. Old secrets are coming to light which isn’t making it comfortable for anyone.

This movie had the feel of play to it, and for good reason. It is a movie version of a play. Basically the entire story is about these 3 people and how they are related to each other and it takes place pretty much all in Tobi’s apartment. There is a great deal of conflict, both intellectual and physical, and a lot of talking. The acting is superb, and all three of these characters are great enough to be able to handle a very difficult piece like this. Patrick’s character is very complex, and he has a lot going on as he must look back at choices he’s made in his life. Matthew’s character is rash and impulsive and carries a great deal of anger inside that is all bottled up until he explodes. Matthew probably has the hardest role, although he is gone for a good portion of the story, when he’s on screen he’s powerful. You won’t like him, but you have to remember he is an actor, and this is the guy who played Shaggy in Scooby-doo Where Are You. He’s not really such an awful guy as he portrays here, and he does a masterful job.

As you may know (God is it almost that time again) Ed’s Review does a special project every Christmas where I watch and review Christmas and Holiday films on TV every year. I always remember Carla Gugino from the great roles she played in a number of those classic Christmas movies and she was always great. But now that Wayward Pines hit the small screen, it’s as if I see Carla everywhere I turn. She’s all over the place. Congratulations to her too, as she’s a fine actress and plays the soothing role in this story between Mike’s seething anger and Tobi’s shame and sadness of what he’s missed. She’s really good in this film, and certainly holds her own, and then some, with the boys. All in all this is a very well told dramatic piece that builds on the character of the performers and their reflection on their lives, past, present, and future. It’s really a filmed play, so keep that in mind and if you don’t like stories that are wordy and spend a lot of time in deep conversation. There’s plenty of drama, but it’s more in the words than the actions. Put three excellent actors in a room and let them go at each other, and this is what you get. I really enjoyed this movie and am glad I watched it. It was very thought provoking and quite entertaining.

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