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Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Michael Sheen, Adrien Brody, Kathy Bates, Carla Bruni, Gad elmaleh, Kurt Fuller

Director Woody Allen turns the lens on Paris as a young engaged couple, Gil (Owen Wilson) and Inez (Rachel McAdams) are there on business. But Inez seem to pulling away from Gil, or is it mutual? Gil loves Paris and wants to return there after their marriage. Inez seems to favor her ex-boyfriend, a know-it-all pompous fake intellectual who Gil cannot stand. While walking in the streets of Paris at night, a little drunk, at midnight, a cab pulls up beside Gil and asks him to get in. When he does, something magical happens that changes him forever.

This, like many Woody Allen films, is either loved or hated. I must admit I am not a big fan of Woody Allen films. They are often bizarre and very difficult to figure out. This one is definitely quirky. But though I never got such huge hits as “Annie Hall” which simply leaves me flat, I really enjoyed this film. I’m not sure why, really, but it’s a really interesting concept. I am purposely trying to say as little as possible about the magic that happens in this film, as I don’t want to give away too much, because if you manage to stumble on this film without knowing the twist, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. But the basis of this film, as in most Allen films, is a bad relationship. These two people should never have been together as they have no interests in common. But they both end up seeking out that which makes them happy and finding out what that is keeps us interested in them.

Owen Wilson was very good in this film. He’s a quirky actor to begin with, and plays a certain type of lovable oaf very well (such as in Meet the Parents, Drillbit Taylor, or You, Me, and Dupree, where he’s really great, but in this film he plays a much more serious (although somewhat ridiculous) role, and this is perhaps one of his best performances. This is a very thought provoking film, that is lots of fun, and is one of Woody Allen’s best, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the strangeness of this story, and I wish I could find my own taxi at midnight to take me to the place I’d like to go. I really enjoyed this movie, and recommend it. I nearly passed on it, and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

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