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John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley, Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray,

From the time Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) was a little kid he always wanted to be a true “scarer”. Scarers are the specialists in Monstropolis who enter through special secret doors to the little kids rooms to scare them to get the energy to run the city. Mike sets out to reach his goal of attending Monsters University, as special college which graduates the best scarers in the business. But things are not easy for Mike, and for his new arch enemy, the silver spoon born James Sullivan (John Goodman). Sully has had everything handed to him whereas Mike has to work hard for everything he’s gotten. This is the prequel to Pixar (Disney’s) Monsters Inc.

This is a spectacular new Pixar blockbuster that is going to do very well! It struck me first off, as I watched this film in the theater filled with kids, that this film could have been called “When Harry Met Sully”. But the story is very, very familiar. From Animal House who started the “handsome jock fraternity” picking on the “nerdy loser fraternity” and having a great battle to see who wins the events and succeeds in saving the house, through every copy of it from Revenge of the Nerds to Meatballs, to Camp whatever, this is a familiar story. But we know the characters from Monsters Inc, and they are very well developed, and the fact that it’s such a familiar story is not a problem at all. The characters and surroundings are so unique that it will still seem fresh and funny. Besides, the kids will not know anything about any of these other movies, and that is truly the audience for this movie. They kids will absolutely love this. I did too. I really enjoyed all the jokes, all the heart, and the quirkiness of the whole thing.

For those who are Pixar fans, (and who isn’t), the opening cartoon, “The Blue Umbrella” is worth the price of admission by itself. Another really cute cartoon like the ones that have proceeded all Pixar films. The voices in this film are great, and it’s just a barrel of fun from the very start. If you’ve got young ones, give them a real treat and take them to see this in the theater.

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