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Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Oscar Steer, Asa Butterfield, Lil Woods, Eros Vlahos, Rosie Taylor-Ritson, Daniel Mays, Maggie Smith, Rhys Ifans, Ewan McGregor

Poor Isabel (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is in serious trouble. She has to run the farm, and take care of the family while her husband is off fighting in the war. She’s got trouble. They have to bring in the harvest, but the tractor is broken. Then her spoiled niece and nephew show up from London to be added to her own since it’s unsafe for the children in the city in case of bombs. Now she’s got 5 to take care of and her kids and the cousins hate each other with a passion. But help arrives when none other than Nanny McPhee turns up to teach the children FIVE lessons. You know the drill, when you don’t want her but you need her she must stay, but when you want her but no longer need her, she must leave. Nanny McPhee has a lot of magic and the children find themselves learning the 5 lessons in a strange and magical way. Hint: They’ll never use the term “When pigs fly” in the same way again!

This is the second Nanny McPhee movie. I don’t think it’s quite a good as the first, as this story is definitely derivative. Isabel has a brother who is a shyster. He’s got a load of gambling debts and needs money really bad, so he’s trying to talk her into selling the farm. (But Annie lives in the orphanage with Mrs. Hannigan whose brother is trying to get the reward from Daddy Warbucks) Oops, wrong movie. (But then Nanny McPhee gets on the bed with the kids and they turn the bedknob and fly to Portobello Road to find Professor Brown to get the last spell of substitutiary locomotion to fight the Nazis) Ok, wrong movie again. Yes this is very similar to both movies. So why did I rate this movie so high? Simply because it’s a really great kids film. The story is very well done, and though it’s derivative, the kids won’t mind that a bit. Emma Thompson has the Nanny McPhee character down, and her magic is as good as Mary Poppins any day! Maggie does a good job as the harried mother, and the two London cousins are awesomely evil. These kids are spoiled rotten, but they turn nice soon enough with Nanny McPhee’s prodding. Maggie Smith is in here too as Mrs Docherty, but I’m not sure at all how she even fits into the story. I’m not sure if I just missed it or if there is really a connection, but her talents are pretty much wasted in here. According to imdb.com’s trivia page, Mrs Docherty was the baby in the first movie. They may have said that, and I may have missed it. Otherwise it was a bit obscure for me. But obviously Nanny McPhee has been around a while as several people in this film recognize her from their childhood.

So what things do I like most about the movie? Well, the sense of irony is really strong, and I really appreciate that. The most outlandish proposition is stated and later comes true word by word. That cracks me up. The whole scene with the flying pigs is a blast, although not a large part of the film, but very cleverly done. Nanny McPhee is an icon and is well acted. There’s not a lot of suspense which is good for the younger viewers. I think this is an excellent kids movie and one the kids and the parents can watch together. There’s enough action, surprise, and laughs for the whole family to enjoy, so whether the kids are 3 or 17, the whole family can enjoy this, even the grandparents! I highly recommend this movie!

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