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Shannon Elizabeth, Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Tatyana Kanavka, Michael Arata, Linnea Quigley

Angela Feld (Shannon Elizabeth) wanted to have the most awesome Halloween party ever, and so she set out to rent the scariest location she could find. She came up with the Broussard Mansion in the bayou in New Orleans which is a creepy abandoned and rumored to be haunted mansion. The party starts out with abandon, but ends up being busted by the cops. The few of her friends that stay to help clean up suddenly find themselves locked in, with no way out, with a horrible secret trying to steal their souls.

This is a classic horror story of devils and demons and creatures cast out of hell. It’s technically a remake, although the story seems to be quite a bit different although the major plot is similar. It’s not anything stellar, but the effects are very well done, and the demons are really frightening. Likewise, the story is not highly original, but the script is good enough. This film is more about the action than the story itself anyway, so for what it sets out to do (gross you out and scare you half to death) it’s quite successful. This is a film that is on cable at Halloween, available on-demand, or on NetFlix Watch Instantly, and so if you happen to run across it, and feel like watching a really suspenseful gory blood fest, this will fit the bill quite well. Nothing extremely special about it, but certainly good enough for what it’s supposed to be.

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