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Aaron Johnson, Thomas Sangster, Kristin Scott Thomas, Anne-Marie Duff, David Morrissey, Ophelia Lovibond, Josh Bolt, Sam Bell, Andrew Buchan

Nowhere Boy is the story of the youth of John Lennon from 1944 through 1960. There were two strong women who played major roles in John’s upbringing, Aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott Thomas) who raised him from a small child, and Julia (Anne-Marie Duff) his birth mother who gave him up when he was a small child. The struggle between these two women for John’s affections was fierce and no doubt had a large impact on him. John (Aaron Johnson) inherits Julia’s love of music and is only interested in becoming a musician much to Mimi’s chagrin. The story ends here shortly after John meets a fellow musician in Liverpool named Paul McCartney (Thomas Sangster) and the two form a band. The rest, as the say, is history.

I was looking forward to this film, and was excited when the DVD arrived, but I was sorely disappointed. It’s very boring! I was interested in John’s life, but there wasn’t anything really going on that made it worth watching. Mimi and Julia fighting over why Julia gave John up, and whether or not Mimi stole him. Mimi trying to convince him that music was a waste of time and would never give him a stable career and pushing him into his school work. Wow, this could just about be any family. I tried to concentrate and pay attention to what was going on, but found myself distracted and my thoughts wandering throughout. I found this to be one of the worst biographical films I have ever seen, and I’m not sure why they bothered to make this. I guess people are very interested in John’s early life, but I am not sure this is an accurate portrayal, and it’s certainly not a very interesting film. I just didn’t appreciate it very much.

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